I am on the mission of trying to solve the grand challenges of mankind, such as climate crisis, food security, and dramatic loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity. My starting point is a credible track record in integrating environmental and business perspectives:

  • The first Master Thesis dealing with corporate environmental management (Aalto University 1992)
  • The first textbook of corporate environmental management in Finnish (1994)
  • The first full Professor of Environmental Management in Finland (Aalto University, 2000)
  • Head of Department of the largest multidisciplinary sustainability science research team in Finland (Lappeenranta University of Technology, 2010-2016)

My research covers a broad range of topical issues in sustainability science, such as circular economy, food and energy system transition, bioenergy, nutrient recovery, sustainable innovations, corporate responsibility strategies, and life cycle assessment.

Please see the video how we solve the climate crisis: